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June 6th, 2007 (11:56 am)

I did actually wrote something. Something new, on that long-delayed next installment of FtVS. And yet after catching up on this other junk recently, and the semi-relief at being able to post again...and I've been meaning to post this for a while now, and so here it is:

Buffy/Angel: My Viewing Order

This came from when we were watching both series the second time around, got to the end of Buffy S3, and decided to be borderline obsessive-compulsive about the rest. These are mostly in what we've determined to be chronological order, except where I arranged them for dramatic impact instead of being purely correct. It's also the order I recommend to first-time viewers.

Due credit to my sweetie, who did most of the legwork.

4.01 The Freshman
1.01 City Of

[Buffy gets a caller who hangs up, who turns out to be Angel.]

4.02 Living Conditions
1.02 Lonely Hearts
4.03 The Harsh Light Of Day
1.03 In The Dark

[Spike finds and loses the Gem of Amara, following it and Oz to Los Angeles.]

4.04 Fear, Itself
1.04 I Fall To Pieces
4.05 Beer Bad
1.05 Room With a View
4.06 Wild At Heart
1.06 Sense and Sensitivity
4.07 The Initiative
1.07 The Bachelor Party
4.08 Pangs
1.08 I Will Remember You

[At the end of "Bachelor Party", Doyle has a vision of Buffy in trouble, which sends Angel to Sunnydale in "Pangs". At the end of "Pangs", Buffy learns he was there, going to LA to have it out with him in "I Will Remember You".]

4.09 Something Blue
1.09 Hero
1.10 Parting Gifts
4.10 Hush
1.11 Somnambulist
4.11 Doomed
1.12 Expecting
1.13 She
4.12 A New Man
1.14 I've Got You Under My Skin
4.13 The I In Team
1.15 The Prodigal
1.16 The Ring

[Doubled these up solely to make it easier to do the same again 2 eps later, when it's much more important.]

4.14 Goodbye Iowa
1.17 Eternity
4.15 This Year's Girl
4.16 Who Are You

[Back to back for obvious reasons, chronological and otherwise.]

1.18 Five By Five
4.17 Superstar
4.18 Where the Wild Things Are
4.19 New Moon Rising
1.19 Sanctuary

[A long break between "Five By Five" and "Sanctuary", even though they could go back to back just like "This Year's Girl" and "Who Are You". Why did I do this? Speculate in comments.]

4.20 The Yoko Factor
4.21 Primeval
4.22 Restless
1.20 War Zone
1.21 Blind Date
1.22 To Shanshu in L.A.

[The final three Buffy eps blend together here better than the Angel ones, but again I have various reasons. Since I didn't take notes then and now can't remember, perhaps you can help discern them.]

5.01 Buffy vs. Dracula
2.01 Judgement
5.02 The Real Me
2.02 Are You Now Or Have You Ever Been
5.03 The Replacement
2.03 First Impressions
5.04 Out Of My Mind
2.04 Untouched
5.05 No Place Like Home
2.05 Dear Boy
5.06 Family
2.06 Guise Will Be Guise
5.07 Fool For Love
2.07 Darla

[The above two being the most obvious pair that *have* to go in this particular order.]

5.08 Shadow
2.08 The Shroud of Rahmon
5.09 Listening To Fear
2.09 The Trial
5.10 Into the Woods
2.10 Reunion
5.11 Triangle
2.11 Redefinition

[Drusilla is burned here in "Redefinition", though it isn't until "Crush" that she references those events when talking to Spike.]

5.12 Checkpoint
2.12 Blood Money
5.13 Blood Ties
2.13 Happy Anniversary
5.14 Crush
2.14 The Thin Dead Line
5.15 I Was Made To Love You
2.15 Reprise
5.16 The Body
2.16 Epiphany
5.17 Forever

[Well thank frickin' G*d Angel had that epiphany, or he wouldn't have bothered to come to Sunnydale to comfort Buffy over her mom's death.]

2.17 Disharmony

[Last seen in "Crush", walking (backing) away from Spike.]

5.18 Intervention
2.18 Dead End
5.19 Tough Love
2.19 Belonging
5.20 Spiral
5.21 Weight of the World
5.22 The Gift
2.20 Over the Rainbow
2.21 Through the Looking Glass
2.22 There's No Place Like Plrtz Glrb

[Like the three Buffy eps at the end of S4, I ran these three Angels together because for me it just works better.]

[Then we start the next seasons' run with Angel as well. This was Buffy's first season on the new network, and all the crossovers are indirect, like Buffy leaving to see Angel at the end of "Flooded" and briefly referencing those off-camera events at the start of "Life Serial".]

3.01 Heartthrob
6.01-2 Bargaining
3.02 That Vision Thing
6.03 Afterlife
3.03 That Old Gang Of Mine
6.04 Flooded
3.04 Carpe Noctem
6.05 Life Serial
3.05 Fredless
6.06 All the Way
3.06 Billy
6.07 Once More, With Feeling
3.07 Offspring
6.08 Tabula Rasa
3.08 Quickening
3.09 Lullaby

[I think this was just to get back on a back-and-forth cycle after the two part Buffy season opener.]

6.09 Smashed
3.10 Dad
6.10 Wrecked
3.11 Birthday
6.11 Gone
3.12 Provider
6.12 Doublemeat Palace
3.13 Waiting In the Wings
6.13 Dead Things
3.14 Couplet
6.14 Older and Far Away
3.15 Loyalty
6.15 As You Were
3.16 Sleep Tight
3.17 Forgiving
6.16 Hell's Bells
3.18 Double Or Nothing
6.17 Normal Again
3.19 The Price
6.18 Entropy
3.20 A New World
6.19 Seeing Red
3.21 Benediction
3.22 Tomorrow
6.20 Villains
6.21 Two To Go
6.22 Grave

[The cliffhanger and delay at the end of "Seeing Red" is even worse when you follow it with the one-two punch of the Angel finale -- my favorite ever on that show -- and the final three on Buffy go together more powerfully than any of the previous "trilogies".]

[Here for the most part, I've forgotten my reasoning except when we get toward the middle -- I had to puzzle a lot of this out anyway when I wrote "Life During Wartime" -- and toward the end, when we finally get an explicit crossover again:]

7.01 Lessons
7.02 Beneath You
4.01 Deep Down
7.03 Same Time, Same Place
4.02 Ground State
7.04 Help
7.05 Selfless
4.03 The House Always Wins
7.06 Him
4.04 Slouching Toward Bethlehem
7.07 Conversations with Dead People
4.05 Supersymmetry
7.08 Sleeper
4.06 Spin The Bottle
7.09 Never Leave Me
4.07 Apocalypse Nowish
7.10 Bring on the Night
4.08 Habeas Corpses
7.11 Showtime
4.09 Long Day's Journey
7.12 Potential
4.10 Awakening
7.13 The Killer In Me
4.11 Soulless
7.14 First Date
4.12 Calvary
7.15 Get it Done
4.13 Salvage
7.16 Storyteller
4.14 Release
7.17 Lies My Parents Told Me
4.15 Orpheus
7.18 Dirty Girls
4.16 Players
7.19 Empty Places
4.17 Inside Out
4.18 Shiny, Happy People
7.20 Touched
4.19 The Magic Bullet
4.20 Sacrifice
4.21 Peace Out
4.22 Home
7.21 End of Days
7.22 Chosen

[And again, thank G*d that Angel manages to deal with Buffy so comparatively well and maturely, after all the psychological trauma he's just undergone re Cordy, Connor and Jasmine.]

Comments welcome, as always.

And the catch-all comic rec, which I was reminded of while I eagerly await issue 4 of Buffy S8: [ADD: I get it, I got it, I know it's good...]

Pretty much anything by Bill Sienkiewicz. I still have Stray Toasters -- no way in hell is that ever gonna be adapted into anything resembling a good movie (but Hollywood is trying, no doubt inspired by the astounding Ishtar-like success that was Hellblazer). I wish I still had his New Mutants, issues 18-31 -- sweet zombie Jesus were those an eye-opener, like hearing Frank Zappa for the first time, and then Stray Toasters hits you like a lemon-soaked brick full of Hasil Adkins and Pigface and Merzbow when you were expecting something normal like Frank. Hell, Stray Toasters is on Dave Sim's own recommended reading list. ADD: If they ever do make a movie, it'll blow Hardware away. At least it should.

This comic blew my 15 year old mind...I had never before seen art like this in a monthly comic book. Sienkiewicz’s work on this comic and all of his New Mutants work really broadened my perception of the possibilities inherent in the medium, of what comics could be. Here, printed on the same crappy newsprint as the issue of Micronauts I no doubt picked up at the same time, is a little masterpiece of technique and design disguised as disposable children’s entertainment.

You can still easily pick up The Demon Bear Saga, the first four issues of Sienkiewicz's groundbreaking New Mutants run. Here's a good starting point of his stuff to dip into. Finally, check out this longish and *very* in-depth 2003 interview.


Posted by: StephenT (stormwreath)
Posted at: June 6th, 2007 07:28 pm (UTC)

A long break between "Five By Five" and "Sanctuary", even though they could go back to back just like "This Year's Girl" and "Who Are You". Why did I do this? Speculate in comments
Because four complete episodes of Faithy goodness without a break would make your head explode? (or turn into a biscuit, possibly).

Posted by: elviswhataguy (elviswhataguy)
Posted at: June 6th, 2007 08:48 pm (UTC)

As you know, not really a huge "Angel" fan (do I have to duck now or something?), but, yeah, my thoughts on the "Five by Five"/"Sanctuary" thing come very close to Stormwreath's, OR ...

(possible controvery coming up:)

Something always bothered me a little about "Sanctuary" -- Buffy's anger, fine; her indignation, absolutely; but, every time I hear the following exchange, I cringe:

ANGEL: I'm in danger every day. You came because of Faith. You were looking for vengeance.

BUFFY: I have a right to it.

WTF? The Buffster is not perfect; her choices are at times questionable, especially when it comes to Faith. But, that line simply never sounds very Buffy-like to me. So, I will assume that the gap is to allow for the possibility that while the real Buffy was dealing with Wonder-Jonathan, shagging her way through a haunted frat party, and cluelessly contemplating Willow and her new 'friend', some sort of Replica-Buffy was in LA, proclaiming her right to VENGEANCE (despite the hint at the end of "Who are You" that she might just realize Faith's body-swap experience had not been all fun and games).

It's stuff like this that often made me wish "Angel" had kept its paws to itself.

Rant over.

Nice list though!

Posted by: none of the above (frogfarm)
Posted at: June 7th, 2007 01:19 am (UTC)

I respectfully disagree! I can totally see Buffy saying that even, sa you say, despite the earlier hint that it wasn't all fun and games for Faith -- because she hadn't processed it yet. She was starting to there on the roof, before the Council guys and their stupid helicopter came along, but B didn't become more or less "sane" again until she saw Faith at the police station turning herself in.

And re Stormwreath's take...nah, if I cared just for dramatic impact I'd put all four together. I know I had my reasons at the time, but they're so much mist now.

It's going SO FUCKING SLOW but I am making progress...need to go out for a bit

Posted by: StephenT (stormwreath)
Posted at: June 7th, 2007 10:08 pm (UTC)

I know I had my reasons at the time, but they're so much mist now.

Maybe because, on the one hand, Angel shows up in 'The Yoko Factor' as a direct follow-up to Buffy's visit to LA in 'Sanctuary', so the two episodes probably happen fairly soon after each other?

On the other hand, it's also explicit that 'Sanctuary' starts the very next morning after 'Five by Five' ends.

On the (insert Niven & Pournelle reference here), there's no necessity for 'Five by Five' to take place immediately after 'Who Are You?', either. Faith appears to be stowed away on a freight train at the end of WAY, but in 5x5 she's getting off a bus. Also, her mental state has changed; she's less despairing and self-hating, more calculatingly suicidal beneath a veneer of her old carefree self. So I reckon quite some time has elapsed between the two episodes.

Posted by: none of the above (frogfarm)
Posted at: June 7th, 2007 11:55 pm (UTC)

Agreed on all three hands. See how hard wanky these decisions can be?

Posted by: δημιουργός (somercet)
Posted at: June 10th, 2007 12:25 pm (UTC)

(but Hollywood is trying, no doubt inspired by the astounding Ishtar-like success that was Hellblazer)

Love the comic links. Sim's recs: too much stuff, too little money. Sienkiewicz says something interesting in a linked interview: the more individual and meaningful he makes something, the less popular it is. I would note it is probably a lack of integration in his psyche that is the problem. (He apparently had a bad relationship with his father.)